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Inlet Trading Post Building History

Constructed by Maybelle A. and Arthur W. Berry about 1936, the business was originally called “Berry’s.” The ground floor served as a grocery while the second floor consisted of hotel rooms. From 1944 to 1976 it was owned by Henry Chamberlain and Hugh Watson, then just Chamberlain, and then by George and Jane Bishop who named it Inlet Trading Post. Over the years, the store supplied a variety of merchandise to the young, growing community of homesteaders and fishermen.

Before closing its doors in 1988, the Inlet Trading Post functioned much as it had when the first settlers began outfitting the pioneer town of Homer. In 1989, a group of local artists began renovation on the “Post” to include a gallery on the first floor. Today the Bunnell Street Arts Center represents fine art work produced in Alaska. Many of the original characteristics of the building remain the same, in an effort to preserve those qualities which give it a special place in history.